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Who of us isn't tempted by beautiful women sometimes? Who of us isn't a gambler just a little bit? Do you like 3D shooters, or maybe you prefer strategies? Maybe you don't like computer games at all? Are you a 24/7 player or maybe you have never played a computer game? Doesn't matter. Soon, you'll love VSP, because everyone loves it!

Strip-poker, a well known game since first personal computers have appeared, connecting gambling and erotica - all that seduced people for thousands of years, no matter what country, what culture. But, strip-pokers didn't enjoyed a good reputation last years because of clumsy on-line games, dialers, etc. We decided to change it! That's why Torquemada Games' Video Strip Poker appeared.

Great computer multimedia evolution that took place during last years allowed to accomplish the idea of artificial intelligence high quality video and highly interactive strip poker. To achieve that we spent a lot of hours recording the interactive scenes using high end digital DVcams. We developed a unique controlling module that makes an impression of playing the poker with a real, living partner. The rivals move all the time, they take cards, drop them, they smile, blink, dress off, put the clothes on and do much more other flirtatious gestures - all that using interactive, high quality video. We also created a special IQ module that makes every girl's personality unique. The beautiful rivals play hard or they play soft, smart or silly, they bluff or not. Every deal is one and unique.

There are five rivals in the game. Video Strip Poker allows to install additional rivals. That is possible because of the fact that we developed a new file format: VSP. It's able to contain sound, music, speech, video and personalities. We keep on working on new rivals so be prepared to face them soon!

The ease of playing Video Strip Poker is amazing. During beta testing we noticed that even people that had never played computer game became really good players in just several hours. After several days they were able to undress girls completely in an hour or less.
We intended to create the world's best strip poker computer game: a multicultural game, easy and fascinating. A game that will attract anyone no matter of age, interests, religion or status. You'll be the judge. We believe we did it!

We wish you many nice evenings playing poker and discovering the beauty of women bodies.

Torquemada Games Team

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